Monday, December 19, 2011

1st day trip (KL) ♥

Day 1
Woke up damn early. But me momo xenos & wengkoh skype until 2-3am that day! Awh we're just way too crazy. haha. Then we went to the bus station 1st :)
 Yorh like my house aneh -.- HAHA!
 Beat me? :D
 This should be Weng's place but... HAHA
After we reach Puduraya, damn cool we don't even know how to go Traysom's condo. So we used the easy way, TAXI :/ And the stupid taxi still put us in the wrong place. Dammit ! But fine at least we still can reach our destination save. Hee ;) Then, 1st thing to do is to met up Eeinn Tan the love ♥ . Headed to Sungai Wang and Pavillion that day. Let the pictures talk about it :D
Taxi taxi :D!
This is where me and momo sleep for the 4 days! Thankiew Traysom :D
#while waiting for MRT ! 
(or LRT i dont really know how to recognize em -.-) 
#LATE Dinner! @ Sungai Wang

After a few hours shopping. We headed to the next stop Pavillion! There's just way too beautiful. The christmas-feel is so strong :3 . 
# Loves 
Gila babi ni! XD
Beautiful right? The main point for us to Pavillion is for Sticky and too bad it's out of stock :/ ! What a bad bad case Xenos almost die when he reached there HAHA LDM
Then Eeinn brought us to Snowflake. That thing taste nice . TRY IT :D !
And lastly, End up my 1st day w this lovely picture ♥ ! 

Currently lazy for the next day. Wait for it! I'll post it soon :D 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


HO-HO-HO. It's December. So I changed my Blog Header to assort the Christmas-Feel :D ! Dim mou? :D .   My holiday's great when I spent my time with my sisters and friends to play badminton or shopping . But other than these? Everything sucked max. Tuition, homeworks, everyday sit in front of my lappie playing Tetris Battle etc. Eww I just can't bear this boredom. But after today, 8th Dec - 11th Dec I'm going to a Camp with friends and 13th Dec - 17th Dec we're going out to KL ! I do spend a lot of time with that horrible Momo. hahaha ! Hope everything's cool and fun :D

Showing up some nice Christmas song for you guys. Hope you'll like it ;)

Enjoy ;)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Heeels-fever ♥

Hi there everyone ! It has been for a long time I didn't blog right ? Sorry :( . Now , I'm going to update about something I found . Heee ;-) . They're all about heels ! PRETTY HEELS & CRAZY HEELS

#1 With locks O.O" 
#2 I wear it sure patah (Ahpan say one TT) 
 #3 Wao, with a lil purse ? Crazy XD
 #4 Can you believe ? It's a mirror lol -.- !!
 #5 Kids might like it X)
 #6 So 'Cinderella'
 #7 Can anyone tell me how to wear this ?
#8 High Standard heels :)) 
 #9 LIKE ! 
 #10 Let's go to swim XD
 #11 Seriously, I love this one very much!
 #12 Another crazy thing :p
 #13 Skater ? @@
 #14 What the hell how to wear it :[
 #15 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I WANT THIS !!!!!!
#16 Nikeee ;] 
 #17 Even heels have their 'car brand' . HAHA
 #18 WTF ? 
#19 OMG  
 #20 Khoo Teik Chooi I know you won't allow me to buy this hahaaha 
 #21 Ribbonsssssss <3
#22 For miss snake 
#23 I don't think that after wearing this I'm still alive. tsk tsk

Some are really Crazy right ? Just saja want to share out what I saw today. Haha. Gonna stop here, ciaoz B-)